Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aleksandr Isayevich

Joseph Pearce on "one of the most articulate advocates of the Christian alternative to the dead-ends of Big Government socialism and Big Business globalism, a champion of the subsidiarist principles at the heart of the Church's social doctrine" — Solzhenitsyn's Prophetic Voice. An excerpt:
    He predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union as early as the 1970s when most so-called "experts" assumed that the Soviet bloc would be part of the global political picture for many decades to come.

    Even more importantly, Solzhenitsyn prophesied the unsustainability of global consumerism and the impending catastrophe that awaited a culture hell-bent on hedonism at the expense of human community and the natural environment.

    The current chaos in the global economy serves as a timely warning that Solzhenitsyn's prophecies are coming true before our eyes. Solzhenitsyn's socio-political vision, which harmonizes with the social teaching of the Catholic Church, is full of the sort of Christian wisdom that the modern world can scarcely afford to ignore -- or, at least, the sort of wisdom that it ignores at its peril.
If you have not read Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Address, you should. Mr. Pearce will speak locally in a few weeks, at the 8th Annual Rochester, N.Y. Chesterton Conference.

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