Friday, September 2, 2011

Left and Right on the Events of September 11, 2001

  • CounterPunch's Alexander Cockburn suggests "the Trade Towers f[e]ll because they were badly built as a consequence of corruption, incompetence, regulatory evasions by the Port Authority, and because they were struck by huge planes loaded with jet fuel" — The 9/11 Conspiracists: Vindicated After All These Years?

  •'s Gary North argues that "the elephant in the living room" "was dropped down the memory hole" — World Trade Center Building 7 and Conspiracy Theories — and notes, among other things, the "extended debates over what happened to the non-New York City planes" — My Proposed 9-11 Research Project. From the former article:
      "If the critic then goes on to point out that there were no plane debris at the alleged crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania -- the parts were scattered for miles, indicating that the plane exploded in mid-air -- he is dismissed as a nut case. Why? Because such a scenario raises an obvious question: Did the military shoot it down? This in turn questions the "Let's roll" scenario of heroes on board Flight 93 who stormed the cabin.

      Millions of believers in the government's "Let's roll" version of the crash look at the small empty hole and do not see what is missing: debris. They see an empty hole and conclude that a plane crashed there. In their case, not seeing is believing.
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    OpenID danightman said...

    The big issue with the 9/11 truther ideas is that the media can so readily dismiss any explanation, no matter how well given, by an emotionally tugging image, namely that of the planes crashing into the towers with such effective explosions.

    It puts the question as, "who are you gonna believe? The nut or your lying eyes that saw it on TV?"

    There needs to be an effective way of demonstrating the biggest reasons to question the official story. Those are these:

    1), The "Magic Passports supposedly found below the towers. While defenders note the location of actual debris from the planes, all of that is from the engines and wings, that is the things that were cut or could free fall from the building after the planes crumbled. The passports would be inside the plane, likely in a bag, nearly over the fuel-air explosives that raised the temps enough to melt steel.

    In other words, it can't happen.

    2). The famous dog that didn't bark (from the Sherlock Holmes story "Silver Blaze.") Namely, the lack of apparent sorties, especially from the bases that surround Washington D.C., to intercept the jets and make a visual contact with them. That should have occurred automatically the moment the jets veered from their courses and "went dark" by turning off their transponders.

    From all evidence, F-16s only took to the air after the planes hit. I distinctly remember them taking off from Wright Patterson around late afternoon that day, which set off all sorts of reports of explosions in my area's radio. As it turned out, it was from the F-16's sonic booms as they went up to enforce the continental "No-fly zone."

    September 3, 2011 at 12:44 AM  

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