Sunday, November 20, 2011

Benedict in Benin

"The transition to modernity must be guided by sure criteria based on recognized virtues ... firmly rooted in the dignity of the person, the importance of the family and respect for life" — In Benin, pope urges Africa to uphold values of family, human dignity. "Pope Benedict XVI urged the African continent to protect its ancient values in the face of spiritual and ethical erosion."

The Pontiff also found on the Dark Continent a "freshness, a 'yes' to life (...) a youthfulness that's full of enthusiasm and hope... a sense of humor, a joy" — Pontiff in Benin: Don't Neglect the Past to Build Future. His Holiness lauded Africa's "metaphysical perception of reality, meaning reality in its totality with God," saying, "There's not [in Africa] a rigid positivism, that restricts our life and makes it a little arid, and also turns off hope. I would say there's a fresh humanism in the young soul of Africa, despite all the problems that exist. There's a reserve of life and vitality for the future that we can count upon."

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