Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drink Locally, Act Anti-Globally

Alexander Nazaryan says that "just as the cocktail captured the delusions of the Jazz Age, so does the rise of the microbrew capture this curious moment in American history," asking, "in the wake of the financial crisis (so long, four-figure bottles of Cristal) in the aftermath of two towers and two wars (goodbye, cosmopolitan), in the damp penumbra of China’s ascent, what kind of patriot can think of drinking a Bud Light, brewed by the intra-national conglomerate Anheuser-Busch InBev?" — Something Brewing.

"Whereas Prohibition left the United States with just a handful of brewers, many of which were swallowed by postwar corporatization," Mr. Nazaryan happily reports, "there are now some 1,700 breweries across the land."

I support two of them, and they support me. Well known to readers is this blogger's love of Genessee Beer, the choice of locals trying to live within their means. But when I get the taste for something a bit craftier, but which will still not put me in debt, I'll go a bit further afield to Utica, NY for a Saranac. Between Genessee Cream Ale and Saranac Pale Ale, I don't see the need ever to leave Upstate New York again, and that's not even mentioning some of the pricier in-state beers. I have not bought a foreign beer since returning home and pledge never to do so.

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Blogger Pints in NYC said...

Wonderful post.

NY has some great brews. Have you tried any Brooklyn Brewery ones yet?


November 10, 2011 at 10:58 PM  
Blogger Mark D. said...

I drink domestic as well. Unfortunately here in Spokane we don't have the number of breweries we used to. We experienced a decline in our local breweries before the collapse in 2008. Sad to say.

We do have a fantastic local distillery, Dry Fly, that makes fantastic whiskey, and for those who like that sort of thing, gin too. I hate gin, but I can testify that their whiskey is well worth enjoying responsibly.

November 10, 2011 at 11:59 PM  
Blogger Pints in NYC said...

Why did you lose them in 2008? Was it the financial crisis?

Are local laws favorable to the industry out there?

November 11, 2011 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger Dauvit Balfour said...

I hope you don't forswear foreign completely. By all means reject the multinational corporations, but give some thought to the Trappist Monks of Belgium, if to no others. A good Trappist Ale beats a bottle of wine any day, and no American brewery I've met has come close.

November 11, 2011 at 9:07 AM  
Blogger Mark D. said...

Indeed about the Trappist ale. As for the Spokane microbrewery debacle, the microbreweries here collapsed well before the economic downturn overall. Spokane is a very "Budweiser and Miller Lite" kind of town. Not that there is anything wrong with that if that's what people like, it just doesn't do much for the local brewing climate.

Local laws are somewhat favorable to the brewing and distillery industries. Not as favorable as say Oregon, but better than Idaho.

November 11, 2011 at 1:17 PM  
Blogger Iosue Andreas Sartorius said...

Pints, I will. If I lived in NYC, it would be Brooklyn.

Mark, Dry Fly gin sounds good. I'm not much of a whiskey guy (bad experience in high school), but like a good martini.

Dauvit, I'll make an exception for Trappists.

November 11, 2011 at 10:30 PM  
Blogger Pints in NYC said...

I third the Trappists! Chimay (Blue Label) is especially awesome! I've heard that there was once a Trappist brewery in the Belgian Congo; I'd have loved to had the chance to tasted THAT!

NY has some good Trappist style brewers - check out Ommegang Brewery. They're based in Cooperstown, NY.

November 13, 2011 at 8:30 PM  

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