Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let Us Pray For Our Syrian Brothers in the Faith

The LRC Blog's Daniel McAdams on what the fact that "the British government has formally opened talks with the Syrian rebels" really means — UK/US Prepare Christian Genocide in Syria.

Mr. McAdams writes, "Western Christians who have been propagandized to believe that the armed rebels represent 'the people' must understand one critical thing: If these rebels are successful, thousands of Syrian Christians will be murdered by the radical Islamic regime that will take over. And that blood will be on the hands of Western governments that have openly sided with the rebels from the beginning of the uprising. And on the people cheering the bloodbath."

Mr. McAdams forgets to mention that it was Syria who took in our brothers and sisters fleeing the penultimate Anglo-American midwifed anti-Christian genocide (the one before the one in Egypt), the one next door in Iraq.

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