Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Right Jab and a Left Hook

Local Democrat and Chronicle reporters Brian Tumulty and Matt Daneman get it — Tea Party, Occupy could be allies in an alternate universe. An excerpt:
    "The Occupy movement thinks big business has too much political influence, too much influence over the government. We agree," said Jim Ostrowski of Buffalo, a founder of the Tea Party Coalition of Western New York. "That's common ground right there.

    "I don't detect any love for the Federal Reserve in the Occupy people. Our group generally wants to bring the troops home and so do they.

    "What the two groups need to do is get together and talk about solutions," Ostrowski said.

    The Tea Party "has always opposed corporate welfare, crony capitalism and the Wall Street bailouts that only reward incompetence with hard-earned taxpayer money — and I am hearing some Wall Street protesters are echoing that sentiment," said Jul Thompson, chief organizer of another western New York Tea Party organization, TEA New York.
It is we who live in the alternative universe, "Bizarro World" as Justin Raimondo calls it. In saner times, left and rigfht could put aside differences and form hugely popular organizations such as the American Anti-Imperialist League and America First Committee, whose dangerous commonsense platforms have had them all but excised from the history books.

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