Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi Should Have Resigned Weeks Ago

When he confessed to having "had felt 'very bad' about joining the Nato campaign to help the Libyan people oust Gaddafi" [and] "said he had even considered resigning over the issue," as reported here — Help! What Gaddafi wrote to his friend Berlusconi. As John Derbyshire rightly pointed out at the time, "Berlusconi was the only one of our leaders to show even that residual amount of honor in the matter" — The Rude Multitude.

The Derb notes that "Gaddafi had been making nice with the civilized world: scrapping his WMD programs, paying compensation to the American and European victims of his earlier atrocities, and helping stem the flood of sub-Saharan African migrants across the Mediterranean into Europe." None of this exonerates the dictator, of course, and the West should not have intervened on his behalf, but to intervene against an ally when the tide turn against him is pretty dastardly. At least Mr. Berlusconi was able to admit this, even if he didn't act but only felt.

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Blogger David Lindsay said...

The force that supplanted Christian Democracy in Italy is no more. After the time-honoured manner of the British Conservative Party, it was the vehicle whereby the local machines of traditionalist, religious, agrarian and related politics were taken over by committed Liberals and their voters told that they had nowhere else to go.

Those Liberals were of the fiercely secular, "free"-marketeering type normal on the Continent and exemplified in Britain by Nick Clegg, or in the US by ... well, take your pick. Therefore, as the heirs to the unification of Italy, they were closely allied to the overtly Fascist National Alliance, Berlusconi's coalition partner. Extreme nationalism as interwoven with extreme secular liberalism has of course been routine from nineteenth-century Germany and Italy, though the era of the great dictators, to Geert Wilders and to the present Israeli Cabinet.

National co-ordination was in the hands of Sandro Bondi, a former Communist Party stalwart. Thus was the Berlusconi movement located firmly within the international phenomenon of a Marxism which had merely changed its ending so that the bourgeoisie won, but which had retained intact its Marxist dialectical materialism, its Leninist vanguard elitism and identification of religious or other interests as "Useful Idiots", its Trotskyist entryism and belief in the permanent revolution, and yet also its Stalinist belief that the dictatorship of the victorious class should be built in a superstate and exported, including by force of arms, throughout the world while vanguard elites owe allegiance to that superstate rather than to their own countries. Berlusconi and his court comprised one such vanguard elite.

Others included the Partido Popolar, the Irish Progressive Democrats, ACT New Zealand, and the Australian Liberal Party as reconceived by John Howard, to name but a few. At the centre was the faction that made George Bush its brainless Manchurian Candidate within the Republican Party while paying feudal tribute to the Clintons within the Democratic Party. Remind me, how are they all doing these days? Even the takeover of Gaullism by Sarkozy and of German Christian Democracy by Merkel would now seem to be in serious trouble.

Nevertheless, the archetype of bourgeois secular-capitalist insurgency in all its nastiness, Likud, is not only going strong, but in a classic coalition with the secular "free" marketeers who want to strip both an ethnic and a religious minority of their citizenship.

The present Irish Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister has never left Official Sinn Féin, nor has it ever left him, instead simply following and then leading it as it renamed itself the Workers' Party, which renamed itself Democratic Left, and which then took over the central organisation and ideology of the Irish Labour Party, all the while with no confirmed decommissioning of arms until 8th February 2010, within the last 24 hours of the existence of the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning.

The ailing Fine Gael, humiliated at the recent Presidential Election, is clearly now in the sights of these Leninist gangsters. They have already succeeded in turning into what was once called "the Bishops' Party" into a vehicle for the most militant anti-Catholicism, even preparing to break by force of law the Seal of the Confessional, as only the regimes most violently hostile to the Faith have ever done.

And the present President of the European Commission was just such a figure when he was Prime Minister of Portugal: a rabidly "free"-marketeering supporter of Bush foreign policy who had previously been a Maoist. Yes, a Maoist. Indeed, he is still just such a figure today, busily staging coups in Italy, Greece, and others yet to come.

November 13, 2011 at 7:48 PM  
Blogger Pints in NYC said...


Where do you see Ireland headed given the overall Euro crisis?

It is my understanding that Ireland, the "Celtic Tiger", had fared well economically with the IT and pharmaceutical sectors in the early 2000s. However, I've heard that Ireland has fared poorly in the past 18 months or so over all.

What about other economic sectors?

Also, is Ireland looking to Iceland for inspiration? Or is that out of the question?

Finally, what is being taught in the schools over in Ireland - elementary, high school, and university? What narratives are gaining airtime in the class room?

November 13, 2011 at 8:16 PM  

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