Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bill Kauffman Reviews "The Conspirator"

And says the film, "recently released on DVD, deserves an audience, especially in these dark days of never-ending wars and 'See something, Say something' government-stoked paranoia" — Redford Goes Ron Paul.

"The film’s subject is the trial of Mary Surratt, the Maryland-born Catholic widow at whose Washington, D.C. boardinghouse bunked assorted members of the conspiracy responsible for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln," and who, the Sage of Batavia reminds us, "was railroaded by a military tribunal for aiding and abetting Lincoln’s murder."

"I am a Southerner, a Catholic, and a devoted mother above all else," says the sacrificial victim. Mr. Kauffman informs us, "Hostile reviewers, however, pointed out that Mrs. Surratt, even if innocent of any role in the assassination, was a Confederate sympathizer and presumably deserved the noose. The sanctimonious are merciless." The reviewer concludes that the film "sits lonely in the almost empty sleeve of movies about spectacular violations of the Bill of Rights."

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