Friday, December 23, 2011

Remembering Hitch

  • "When I first learned that Hitchens was diagnosed with an excruciating and terminal cancer, it caused me to doubt my atheism," writes ConterPuncher Norman Finkelstein of a man who "made a career of pissing on other people’s mostly innocuous beliefs" — Hitchens vs. Higher Power?

  • "He pretended to be a brave iconoclast but was careful never to offend the very rich and powerful—except those out of office, as in the case of Henry Kissinger or the saintly Paul Johnson," says the eponymous editor of Taki's Magazine, reminding us that "he kissed the rich and powerful’s asses, switched sides so he could kiss them better, and took on God thinking he was as easy as the pope to slander and libel" — The Folly of Disbelief.
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