Friday, December 9, 2011

"Winter Wonderland" Performed by Jane Monheit and Mark O'Connor

We happily woke up to one this morning, but the white stuff, although it looked like it would, didn't stick. It started snowing steadily again a few hours ago, but there's only a light dusting, because it's too darn warm. Western New York weather has grown soft in my fifteen year absence. A proud survivor of the Blizzard of '77, I can't help but say I'm a bit disappointed.

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Blogger 기답 Gi-Dap 怾畓 said...

I know what you mean about winter getting soft. Last year I was out for New Years Eve and not only was there no snow, there was actually rain! South-western Ontario is hardly the snowbelt, but I was disappointed nonetheless. As for Korea: we actually had snow yesterday but it didn't stick!

Check out this Christmas song. It was made by a 16 year old Canadian from a real winter city: Winnipeg. He played all the instruments, sang the song, directed and edited the video. It's gone viral. Best of all, he made it to bring Christ back into Christmas. Check it out:

"Little Drummer Boy" ~ Sean Quigley

December 10, 2011 at 5:37 AM  

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