Friday, January 13, 2012

Korczak Ziolkowski and Crazy Horse

The John Birch Society's Sam Antonio on the "great believer in private enterprise and individual initiative" behind what "will be the largest mountain carving in the world" — Crazy Horse Memorial: A Tale of Two Stories Told in Stone. An excerpt:
    Korczak’s vision was to have Crazy Horse built by the interested public and not the taxpayer. He so strongly believed in the free-market system that he twice turned down $10 million of federal funding. He knew that federal funds would mean federal control over the project. He felt the government would not complete the carving and not carry out its humanitarian goals.

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Blogger Brandon said...

I have a piece of granite from the mountain; and it really is an impressive monument, although when I last saw it in person the face was still very roughly hewn.

I seem to remember that the reason Korczak spent only about a summer on Mount Rushmore was that he was fired by Gutzon Borglum for boxing the ear of Lincoln Borglum, Gutzon's son, for some transgression or other. Also that another reason Korczak refused federal funding is that, since it would open the door for an eventual take-over by the National Park Service, it might mean that the monument would never be finished. (This is what happened with Mount Rushmore. It is unfinished to this day -- it was never supposed to be the heads only. But the NPS on taking it over simply fulfilled its mission -- which is not to continue projects but to preserve and protect. And so it was preserved; and Korczak didn't want that to be the fate of the mountain.)

January 15, 2012 at 4:00 AM  

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