Thursday, January 12, 2012

War Without End, Amen

  • The American Conservative's Tom Engelhardt argues that "the sort of military-first policy the president has made his own couldn’t be more useless" — Obama’s Mission Accomplished Moment?

  • The American Conservative's reviews a book reminding us that "the Cold War ingrained certain patterns so deeply into thinking about U.S. security that they have persisted amid the much different international environment of the subsequent two decades" — Fighting the Last (Cold) War.

  •'s Gareth Porter on the "coordinated U.S.-British attack on Iran’s enrichment at Fordow" — Clinton Revives Dubious Charge of ‘Covert’ Iranian Nuclear Site.

  • "Despite President Barack Obama’s assertion that he would open up avenues to talk to the Iranians, he has failed to do so, he has rejected Iranian initiatives to start a dialogue, and he is showing every sign of unwillingness to negotiate on any level," writes's Philip Giraldi in his article suggesting "that an incident involving U.S. troops on the border between Iraq and Iran could easily escalate into what would eventually become a global conflict" — What War With Iran Might Look Like.

  • CounterPunch's John Feffer writing that "it’s mostly doom and gloom with the Republican candidates, particularly when they start in on foreign policy," noting that the non-Ron Pauls "have to go practically ballistic to outdo the guy who killed Osama bin Laden, expanded the drone war in Pakistan, held the line in Afghanistan, squeezed Iran, and pumped up the military profile in Asia-Pacific" — The Apocalyptics.

  • The same neocons who persuaded George W. Bush and crew to, in Ron Paul’s inimitable words, 'lie their way into invading Iraq' in 2003, are beating the drums of war more loudly these days to attack Iran, writes CounterPunch's Ralph Nader — Iran: the Neocons Are At It Again.

  • "Only the blind do not see that the US government is preparing to attack Iran," says CounterPunch's Paul Craig Roberts — The Next War on Washington’s Agenda.
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    Blogger Francis-Xavier said...

    In the meantime, the only democracy between the Golan Heights and the Sinai passed a law denying members of any ethnic group from the Middle East who were likely to involve the aforementioned democracy in tensions and even armed conflict from becoming citizens or even from living in that democracy even if they were married to a citizen of the aforementioned democracy.

    For some reason I suspect that opposition to adopting the same law in the democracy between Lake Erie and the Rio Grande may come from unexpected quarters.

    January 13, 2012 at 3:11 PM  

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