Monday, March 5, 2012

Bibi Go Home!

"The prime minister of Israel is angry with Barack Obama and is coming here to force a hardening of U.S. policy toward Iran," begins Pat Buchanan, who rightly noted in 1990 that "Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory" — Will Bibi Break Obama? Mr. Buchanan's conclusion:
    S.R. 380 points directly toward a U.S. war on Iran.

    Who wants that war? Netanyahu, his government, and his allies in U.S. politics and the press, and in a Congress that gave him 29 standing ovations the last time he spoke there.

    Who does not want a war?

    The White House, the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs, the intelligence community, the antiwar left and Old Right, and millions of Americans who believe a U.S. war on Iran could ignite a sectarian and regional war that could prove catastrophic for the Middle East, the world economy and the United States of America.

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