Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm a One Issue Voter

And's Ivan Eland identifies what that issue is and why I'm a Ron Paul supporter — America Is a Great Country, but Its Attitude Overseas Needs Work.

Having lived a total of more than sixteen years overseas, I am not "oblivious to data that clearly show that the United States has been the most aggressive nation in the world during the postwar period" nor do I "just assume that such intervention was justified because America was (and always seems to be) 'in the right.'" Mr. Eland concludes:
    If Americans had greater exposure to all of these historical and more recent U.S. government actions against foreign peoples [which he documents] — and they rarely do — perhaps they would be more ashamed of their government’s policy and would pressure their leaders to be more restrained abroad in the future.
We are a great country, which is why I moved back. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else (including, to be fair, anywhere else in the United States).

Sure, we have issues and disagreements here at home, but let's work them out here at home. Let governors, senators, congressmen, mayors, and dog catchers debate the social and economic issues that seem to divide us (but would not if the localism of a President Ron Paul were allowed to take root.) Presidential politics, with the exception of Ron Paul, is about everything but the one issue which the executive branch dominates and about which there is unfortunate bipartisanship: foreign policy.

The "foreign entanglements" George Washington's Farewell Address warned us about are not only morally wrong, they are draining our blood and treasure. The Confoederatio Helvetica successfully took inspiration from our system of government; it's high time we returned to a foreign policy similar to hers — The Original American Foreign Policy.

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Blogger Pints in NYC said...

You might also want to link to these two splendid pieces by Claes G. Ryn:

"Which American?"

"Where in the World Are We Going?

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