Monday, March 5, 2012

Pope Ratzinger, Libertarian

One can almost come to that conclusion reading between the lines of Sandro Magister's latest— "Concilium" Criticizes the Pope: He's with the Capitalists.

The criticism is that "in the past... the Church had maintained a certain balance between appreciation and criticism of the capitalist system, to the point of demonstrating 'a fondness for a socially correct market economy, with a preference for the German Rhineland model over the Anglo-Saxon type of capitalism,' [but] today this balance has broken down." While this "pro-market shift is attributed to the current pontiff," also tellingly lamented is the Magisterium itself and its "almost convulsive effort to avoid any sort of identification of Catholic social thought with social democracy or with the state that provides social assistance."

The author counters that such criticism "appear[s] to be characterized theologically by a 'leftist conservatism,' which has not yet taken into account the collapse of the Berlin Wall and its anti-monarchical lesson, against the overweening power of the state and of politics." He boldly concludes that these partisans "reproduce in the social sphere the traditionalist rejection of religious freedom: a rejection that is also rigorously statist, motivated in defense of 'iustitia in veritate' against the free choice of the erroneous conscience in good faith."

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