Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's Worse, Killing Innocent Civilians or Desecrating Dead Combatants?

"The primary function of International Humanitarian Law," writes Chase Madar, "is to legalize remarkable levels of 'good' military violence that regularly kill and injure non-combatants" — Legal Atrocities.

Cited as a non-crime was "an Apache helicopter opening fire from half a mile high on a crowd of Iraqis — a few armed men, but mostly unarmed civilians, including a couple of Reuters employees — as they unsuspectingly walked the streets of a Baghdad suburb one July day in 2007." And this one only stands out because it was caught on video. Civilians are killed all the time, and there are no apologies.

Yet, when some of our guys after the heat of battle show a lack of respect for the corpses of enemies who've just been trying to kill them (whether the war is right or wrong at this point is irrelevant), we hear apologies — Panetta Condemns Army Photos of Dead Insurgents in Afghanistan.

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