Friday, May 18, 2012

A Case of Sola Scriptura Leading to Praeter Scripturam

    In June of 2011, in the official Waldensian weekly "Riforma," Ricca wrote that by giving approval to the blessing of homosexual couples, the synod had made a decision "praeter Scripturam," outside of Scripture. And he cited Saint Paul from the letter to the Romans, the same one cited by Cardinal Biffi in the passage reproduced above.

    That of going outside of Scripture is the most scorching of accusations, for a Protestant. But the leadership of Waldensian pastors and theologians replied to Ricca that Saint Paul must not be taken literally, but interpreted in the "context" of his time, influenced by prejudices of a "patriarchal stamp" and of "ethnic-religious disdain" unacceptable today.
So writes Sandro Magister in his report on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith "reprint[ing] as-is the 1986 letter on homosexuality, precisely as various governments are legalizing gay unions" — Vatican Diary / That sin of Sodom which cries out to heaven.

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