Wednesday, May 16, 2012

H. Con. Res. 107

"Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution" — Rep. Walter Jones Seeks to Limit the President's War Power.

A post of mine last year about the Catholic convert who was "among the majority in Congress who voted in October 2002 to authorize the use of force in Iraq" but who "now maintains that the Iraq invasion was pursued under the guise of deceit, fed by misinformation and the manipulation of intelligence by key leaders of the Bush administration" — The Honorable Congressman Walter B. Jones.

[I've often imagined there might exist a certain kinship between Upstate New Yorkers and North Carolinians, from the days the Tuscarora people were invited to join the Iroquois as the sixth nation of the "League of Peace and Power" in the 1720s to our common support of Anti-Federalism in the 1780s to the welcoming of our post-industrial economic refugees to places like Winston-Salem and Raleigh-Durham in the 1990s.]

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