Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sterilizing Ourselves and Nature

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D., reports that the fact that "multiple international studies have documented elevated levels of natural and synthetic hormones in drinking water" might explain why "levels of prostate cancer in men are highest in geographic areas with the greatest use of oral contraceptives" — Contraceptives and the Environment. She concludes:
    Ultimately, the Catholic opposition to contraception is grounded in a fundamental understanding of the meaning of human life and the purpose of procreation as a part of God’s plan, not a pragmatic conclusion reached by painstaking scientific research. While it makes intuitive sense that humans both individually and as societies benefit by living in accordance with the wishes of their Creator, in a fallen world there are practical things that can be done to alleviate some of our suffering, including the use of medical technology and pharmacology. It should be noted that synthetic hormones are not exclusively used in contraceptives, nor are the chemical compounds marketed as contraceptives intrinsically immoral – for instance, an unmarried and abstinent woman using hormonal treatments to treat endometriosis in the hopes of safeguarding her future fertility is doing nothing sinful, regardless of the efficacy or side effects of her decision. However, in a world in which influential groups and individuals are increasingly advocating for population control, often in a manner that recalls the eugenics movement of decades past, it is necessary to insist that research be done to uncover truths regarding the long-term and unintended side effects of widespread contraceptive pill usage.

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This movie was prophetic!

Dr. Strangelove's Jack D. Ripper:

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And more:

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