Wednesday, May 2, 2012

That Cleveland May Day "Terrorist" Plot

Justin Raimondo rightly calls it "another frame-up by the Feds" — Bringing the ‘War on Terrorism’ Home. An excerpt:
    Is it just a coincidence that on May Day, the very day the “Occupy” movement chose for nationwide protests against corporate dominance of American politics, the FBI announced the arrest of five “anarchists” who were supposedly plotting to blow up a bridge in Cleveland?

    Not that there was ever any danger of the bridge actually being blown up: like all the high-profile “domestic terrorism” cases touted by the feds these days, this was yet another case of the FBI infiltrating a fringy group and instigating its members into participating in a bogus “plot,” which the feds could then hold up as another “success story” in their ongoing domestic “war on terrorism.” It’s a veritable growth industry, one the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have a vested interest in propagating and encouraging: the more “plots” they can uncover, the more tax dollars are poured into their coffers.
Of course, the neocons will jump on this story to scream just how "violent" the Left really is. Paleocons know better.

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