Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three World Science Stories That Shed Light on How Scientists Think

"Weeks af­ter two stud­ies cast doubt on a the­o­ry that a strange 'dark mat­ter' ac­counts for vast amounts of ma­te­ri­al in the uni­verse that’s mis­sing, an­oth­er study pro­poses a rad­i­cal new so­lu­tion" — Instead of “dark matter,” rogue planets? Like dark matter, there is absolutely no evidence of these "free-float­ing, and pos­sibly life-bearing plan­ets."

"Spir­i­tual­ity," it turns out, "is a much more dy­nam­ic con­cept that uses many parts of the brain" — No single “God spot” in brain, scientists find. Back to the drawing board.

At least one scientist has the humility to have "ex­pressed pes­si­mism that a de­fin­i­tive rea­son can be iden­ti­fied" for the results of his comparatively modest study, suggesting that "[t]he sheer num­ber of changes that have swept Amer­i­can life make that an 'end­lessly com­pli­cat­ed' prop­o­si­tion" — American head shapes have been changing, but why?

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