Thursday, June 21, 2012

Local Coverage of Local Story Gone Viral

The Brighton-Pittsford Post has the depressing story (from the other side of town, I must note) — Video of Greece students mocking bus monitor goes viral — and the somewhat hearteneing dénouementFundraiser for harassed Greece bus monitor: $300,000 and counting.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that the victim rightly "told police that she’s happy to let the school district handle the students’ punishments" — School bus monitor Karen Klein won't press charges, Greece police say. The D&C as we call her rightly opines that "our culture is in a state of decline in terms of entertainment, politics and public discourse" — Editorial: Greece school bus bullying a new low. "If this episode doesn’t shake the community into reassessing its apathy regarding disrespectful and abusive behavior, the community may be beyond repair." More from the paper — Karen Klein saga: Kids behave badly because they disregard consequences.

Saddest of all, perhaps, "the exposure has had a darker side, too: thousands of furious and sometimes threatening emails directed at Richardson and other officials in the Greece Central School District and the town of Greece and death threats and other harassment directed at students alleged to have participated in the incident" — Karen Klein: Thanks, but don't harm the kids.

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