Thursday, July 19, 2012

Steve Sailer on Olympic Totalitarianism

    Anybody familiar with Olympic history would realize that lots of countries have tried to maximize medals over the years, often with much success.

    The most obvious strategy is one followed by East Germany and China: it's much easier to win medals in women's events. Outside of gymnastics and a few other sports, the number of girls who, deep down inside, really want to do what it takes to win is smaller. So, focus on macho sports for women, such as women's weightlifting.

    I recall an interview with a lady shotputter from China at a recent Olympics. She said she'd always wanted to be a veterinarian when she was a child, but a bunch of state athletic experts came to her elementary school, measured all the children in various ways, and then told her she was going to grow up to be a shotputter. She didn't want to be a shotputter, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but nobody cared about her opinion. So, now she was a lady shotputter.

    Women's Olympic sports are full of uplifting and empowering stories like that.

    Also, as East Germany demonstrated, giving your women lots of male hormones helps more than giving your men lots of male hormones.

    For sports, such as "women's" gymnastics that have a minimum age for female competitors, because T&A slows down how fast a girl can spin, lie (as China does).

    It also helps to have a totalitarian system. For example, Cuba is a poor country, but it wins lots of Olympic medals. One reason is because the government channels youths into various Olympic sports, instead of letting them all play soccer like in other countries. Cuba is too small to win the soccer World Cup, but it can win gold at less popular sports.
The above is reason enough to boycott the globalist spectacle — Nate Silver isn't cynical enough.

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