Friday, July 6, 2012

Steve Sailer's "Diversity Before Diversity" Series

"One goal of my Diversity Before Diversity series on popular American celebrities of the past who were considered non-white then or would be today (e.g., Jim Thorpe or Pancho Gonzales) or (as in the case of pugilistic superstar John L. Sullivan) have been retconned by today's mythology into supposedly having been viewed as nonwhite back then is to point out that the color line discrimination against blacks was both quantitatively and qualitatively more severe than the discrimination suffered by other groups" — Non-Diversity before Diversity.

Or, "One of the points I'm trying to make with this Diversity Before Diversity series is that when thinking about the past, we shouldn't project how African-Americans were treated to other minorities" — Diversity before Diversity: Duke Kahanamoku. The "racist" explains, "It's not accurate, and it's not fair to blacks."

In other words, isn't it lame how other minority groups try to benefit from Black America's unique history of suffering? Is it "racist" to think so?

Earlier posts in the fascinating series — Pancho Gonzales, Diversity before Diversity: Cheech Marin, Diversity before Diversity: Ballerina Maria Tallchief, Diversity before Diversity: Vice President Charles Curtis. Down the memory hole has been flushed the knowledge that we had a veep who "could speak Kaw before he could speak English and spent a number of his formative years on a reservation."

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