Monday, July 30, 2012

Whither Anglo-Saxondom?

"Traditionalism in Britain is committing voluntary euthanasia," says Brendan O’Neill, lamenting the fact that the "stiff, traditional little country whose grey-haired old Queen has just celebrated 60 years on the throne and where men in bowler hats will say, 'Evening, sir,' as they pass you in the street" is only a figment of outsiders' imaginations — Britain Abolishes Itself. He concludes that "there is much in modern Britain that is stuffy and which could do with being reformed" and rightly suggests that "there is even room for asking whether marriage should be denationalized, turned from a state affair into a private matter for individuals and communities (including gay ones)."

Thomas Fleming rightly argues that "the United States was founded by British people, that our language and traditions are English, and that immigrants and aliens, while welcome, have a duty to assimilate to our way of life" — This is Not Your Grandfather’s Country. He concludes that "it is not enough to reject the Anti-Americans--the Obamas and Imanuels--but also the pseudo-Americans who try to harness whatever decent instincts are left and put them into the service of an equally pernicious ideology of American imperialism."

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