Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More on L'Affaire P*ssy Riot

  • "The song to which the punk band 'Pussy Riot' danced on Feb. 21 in Russia’s iconic Christ the Savior Cathedral ends with a prayer asking Jesus’s mother Mary to 'become a feminist,'" reminds CounterPunch's Ray McGovern, rightly also reminding, "but Mary always was a feminist through and through, with a voice speaking strongly for justice" — From the Virgin Mary to Pussy Riot.

  • The New American's Christian Gomez wrongly reverts to the historic Russophobia of the John Birch Society for which he writes — Punk Band's Sentencing Signals Russia's Resurgent Communism.

  • The American Conservative's Eric Margolis makes an interesting analogy — Assange Is America’s Pussy Riot — and here's the first I've heard of their music, and I have to say I like it — Pussy Riot releases new anti-Putin song.
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