Sunday, August 5, 2012

War Comes Home

"A patriotic gun-lover who would hassle any man that was drinking a cocktail instead of a beer" has left "his wife of three months" a war widow — Pfc. Theodore 'Matt' Glende remembered as insightful, intelligent.

"'When I found out (Alexandra) was dating Theo, I couldn’t believe it,' said Robert Buda, a close friend of both Glende and his widow. 'Right when I found out they were dating, you knew that they were meant to be together.'" Were it not for the Bush-Obama imperial wars.

Also local, a "newly published memoir of... Iraq experiences is getting national attention in media and publishing circles" and "has been compared to other highly regarded war memoirs" — Iraq vet from western NY writes vivid war memoir.

"'I liked the old me, the one who played guitar, and laughed at dumb movies, and loved to read for days on end,' he said. 'That me died from a thousand blasts. Died covered in children’s blood. Died staring down my rifle barrel, a helpless woman in the crosshairs and my finger on the trigger. That me is gone.'"

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