Saturday, September 22, 2012

An In Memoriam This Morning

Reading the local obituaries and in memoriams every morning over breakfast, I'm often moved, but coming across a thing of this beauty was entirely unexpected — Clyde E. Sanford:

    Sanford, Clyde E.

    09/24/42 - 09/20/07


    The fireflies came to visit me

    After all these years.

    It was like you had sent them

    To check on me;

    To remind me that you used

    To love me.

    Their fleeting lights

    And gossamer wings

    Reminded me how

    Short a time we had

    Together when we could love,

    When we were one.

    Their silence made me listen

    To see if I could catch

    A tiny sound of your voice;

    One small reminder

    Of the timbre that

    Could take my breath away.

    Their flight took a ragged path

    Around and around

    Like your arms used to be for me.

    Then off they flew

    Leaving me alone in the dark

    Just as you had done.

    I'll miss their cheery lights

    And the meaning that they hold.

    But I still miss you more

    Eighteen hundred and twenty five days and nights

    Have come and flown

    And you are still gone.

    And I love you still, querido mio.

    Published in Rochester Democrat And Chronicle on September 22, 2012

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