Saturday, September 1, 2012

Daniel McCarthy on Rand Paul

The American Conservative writer says "he could be the first of the next-generation Republicans, or he could be one of the last — but perhaps most successful — of the older generation," and that "the very signals that help establish Rand with the biggest boomer tribes risk alienating the post-boomers" — Does Rand Paul Have the Future?

An interesting observation for this Generation Xer:
    The conservatives and libertarians who came of age before the Korean War — that includes Kirk as well as Ron Paul — have something in common with today’s 20-somethings that most 40- and 50-year-olds don’t share with either group. The baby boom generation’s characteristic attitude toward politics has been utopian or apocalyptic by turns. They lived through the unraveling of one social order and never came close to building a more perfect one; their dreams are filled with visions of end times and the New Jerusalem, and every battle over raising the debt ceiling is met on the fields of Megiddo.
And noting that "the next generation, while it has its own defects, hasn’t yet calcified," Mr. McCarthy writes:
    This is the time to teach them aright. They have a passion for knowledge: they’re drawn to Austrian economics or distributism, not just Chamber of Commerce economics; they love Kirkian conservatism, not just “culture war” animosity. They’re not merely in favor of entrenched interests and prejudices; they want a philosophy that’s reflective and open. It will have to be prudent, too, if all this is to amount to more than the boomers’ protest politics. But then, they can’t do any worse than the generation that gave us Bill O’Reilly.

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