Thursday, September 27, 2012

Disengagement From the Middle East

  • "Western nations need to respect the people of the Middle East and trust them to solve their own problems, said an Iraqi diplomat, an Iraqi archbishop and a Syrian-born representative of the Melkite Catholic Church," writes the Catholic News Services's Carol Glatz, quoted here by Daniel Nichols — “Mind Your Own Business”.

  • Andrew Napolitano writes, "We should come home from these barbaric places and leave them alone" — The Arab Spring Becomes a Western Winter. "We should trade with them, since they want to buy our iPads and washing machines and blue jeans, but let them run their own governments."

  • Having "no love lost for the Arab world," Guy Somerset of Taki's Magazine argues that "love of religion is not itself a fundamental flaw in their belief system" — Let Them Have Their God. "I don’t care for the entire region and think all of the West would be better off disengaging," the author concludes. "In fact, leave the Muslims alone and they’ll probably do the same for us."

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    Perhaps some related songs from a simpler time you may want to post in this season of UN debates:

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