Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Younger Brethren

The New Beginning links to an illuminating article — The Manosphere.

"Men in their late 30s and beyond who had the luxury of semi-rejecting the red pill while still finding moderate success are being outnumbered by a younger generation who realize they really don’t have a choice in the matter," writes Professor Mentu, continuing, "Unlike the older men, these men didn’t choose to unplug; they were unplugged." More:
    Happiness is an eagle soaring through the air, because that’s what it was made to do; it worries not about the wind, because the same wind that creates resistance also gives lift. Happiness is a fish swimming in the water, because that’s what it was made to do; it worries not about strong currents, because the same turbulent waters that cloud its view also churns up sustenance. Happiness is a tree growing deep roots, because that’s what it was made to do; it worries not about its lack of freedom, because the same roots that hold it down also allow it to weather the storm.

    Happiness is a man who protects and cares for his family, goes forth and conquers, gives of himself for a greater cause, and ensures his legacy – because that’s what he was made to do. He doesn’t fear resistance, turbulence, or commitment, because his masculine frame turns resistance into rise, finds sustenance in turbulent waters, and relies on the steadfast roots of commitment to provide stability for himself and safety for those he vowed to protect.

    But today’s men are encouraged to meet resistance head on while being shamed for expecting lift. They’re told to man up and tough it out through turbulent waters while being called misogynists for expecting sustenance. They’re shamed into putting down roots in infertile hypergamous soil that offers no support, then are financially ruined and separated from their children when they cannot weather the storm.

    And society wonders why these men walk away.
Being in my "late 30s and beyond," I remember things being bad enough when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I can't quite imagine what it's like for young men today, in an age when the Hookup Culture is heralded as "an engine of female progress—one being harnessed and driven by women themselves." That puts a whole new spin on the "play or be played" mantra.

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