Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"William," "James," and "Elizabeth"

The only constants on these lists — Most popular baby names, 2011 vs. 1911: ‘William’ stands the test of time. The article notes that "the most popular names in 2011 were 'Jacob' for boys and 'Sophia' for girls" and that "in 1911, they were 'John' and 'Mary,'" but that "neither 'John' nor 'Mary' even appears in the top 20 for 2011."

It's a shame that we've lost the names of the Beloved Disciple and the Theotokos, but at least "Jacob" and "Sophia" are time-tested and true names, with origins in two of the three fonts of Western Civilization, unlike several on the 2011 list. (Apart from perhaps "Darius," there is not a one on this list — Top 10 African American Baby Names.) Right are those "pointing to changing baby names as a sign of the decline of civilization."

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