Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Génération Identitaire's Déclaration de Guerre

The New American's James Heiser on the group behind the above video, who entered "into the global spotlight [with] the construction of a mosque in the French city of Poitiers [when] approximately 60 members of the youth organization occupied the mosque in order to protest the spreading influence of Islam within French society" — French Youth Movement Opposes Islamization. Mr. Heiser explains the significance:
    The youth group targeted the Poitiers mosque because of its proximity to the site of one of the most famous battles in European history. In A.D. 732, the Battle of Poitiers (which is also called the Battle of Tours) was the critical event which stopped the northward advance of Muslim armies which had already overtaken and brutalized Spain and were threatening to sweep through the rest of western Europe. Under the leadership of Charles Martel, the invading force was halted, but at a substantial cost in lives. Generation Idenitaire’s brief occupation of the mosque in Poitiers came on the anniversary of the famous battle, and was intended to remind their fellow citizens of the tremendous price paid in past generations to prevent the Islamization of the country.
This blogger has three words for these youths: "Vive la France!"

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