Thursday, October 11, 2012

Old World Find in the Town Next Door

"Catholic historians thousands of miles away will be the beneficiaries of a sharp-eyed Penfield couple who found rare 100-year-old.... hymnals, prayer books and copies of the New Testament that survived Nazi and Russian occupations" — Rare Lithuanian prayer books found at auction.

The couple "spent one dollar on a grab bag of religious books" and said, Jack Kelley, 80, said, "We’re kind of religious that way. We don’t want them abused. I was raised in the old school with a lot of respect."

After "determined the writing was Lithuanian," Mr. Kelly contacted Raymond Liutkus, business administrator of Saint George Roman Catholic Lithuanian Church, who said that "the books are proof of Lithuanian national spirit present throughout a difficult century."

"It shows the strong relationship with faith that they really fought for over there and brought here," he explained. "They could have just as easily become Eastern Orthodox when the czar tried to make them, but they resisted."

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