Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sheila Kay Adams Sings "Little Margaret"

    Little Margaret is sitting in her high hall chair
    Combing back her long yellow hair
    Saw sweet William and his new made bride
    Riding up the road so near

    She threw down her ivory comb
    Threw back her long yellow hair
    Said "I'll go down and bid them farewell
    And I'll nevermore go there"

    It was late in the night
    They were fast asleep
    Little Margaret appeared all dressed in white
    Standing at their bed feet

    Saying "How do you like your snow white pillow?
    How do you like your sheet?
    Saying how do you like that pretty, fair maid
    Who lays in your arms asleep?"

    "Very well do I like my snow white pillow
    Well do I like my sheet
    Much better do I like that pretty, fair maid
    Who stands at my bed feet"
    He called a servant man to go
    Saddled the dappled roan
    And he rode for her father's house that night
    Knocked on the door alone

    Said "Is little Margaret in her room,
    Or is she in the hall?"
    "Little Margaret is in her cold black coffin
    With her face turned toward the wall"

    Unfold, unfold those snow white robes
    Be they ever so fine
    For I want to kiss those cold, cold lips
    For I know they'll never kiss mine

    Three times he kissed her cold, cold hand
    Twice he kissed her cheek
    And once he kissed her cold, cold lips
    And he fell in her arms asleep

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