Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post-Election Hope

Srđa Trifković on the election that pitted "the embodiment of an anti-America–culturally, spiritually and morally—that is hell-bent on destroying the surviving vestiges of real America" against "a pastiche, an oddly vacuous character whose tenuous appeal to the minds of the regular people was offset by their hearts’ awareness that he was not one of them" — Obama’s Victory. His conclusion:
    Nil desperandum, however. The tempo of history is accelerating. The overall equation has too many variables for the would-be controllers of our destiny to be certain that the job is done. They will be swept away swiftly once the usurial hocus-pocus collapses, which it will.

    My native country has survived half a millennium of Ottoman misrule, half a century of communism and two decades of Western sadism. My adopted country—which I love with a passion—will raise again from her current decrepitude, too. Because there are a hundred million real Americans who are determined not to go gentle into that good night. Because there is God.

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