Thursday, November 8, 2012

Todos Somos Independentistas

Steve Sailer on the recent shameful vote for statehood in our shameful colonial legacy of 1898 — ¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre! "¡Viva!" I respond. My Spanish professor, surely one of the mere 5% who voted for independence, lamented that his homeland was "el país que nunca fue."

"Steven Hunter's book American Gunfight about the two brave Puerto Rican terrorists who nearly assassinated Harry Truman in 1950 in the name of Puerto Rican nationalism, converted me to the cause of Puerto Rican independence," writes Mr. Sailer. "Sure, they were murderous terrorists, but they were men."

What sold me on the cause, in addition to my professor's rants, was Bill Kauffman's excellent Bye Bye, Miss American Empire: Neighborhood Patriots, Backcountry Rebels, and their Underdog Crusades to Redraw America's Political Map, about which I wrote a few words here — More of Bill Kauffman's (& Robert Frost's) "Insubordinate Americans". One of the most enlightening chapters dealt with "culturally conservative Catholics like Pedro Albizu Campos and the founding of the Puerto Rican Independence Party."

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