Thursday, January 10, 2013

From Old World to New

News from a monastery I visited many times during my parnets' 12-year sojourn in the Golden State — California monks build new chapel with medieval stones. The history:
    The new chapel for the Abbey of New Clairvaux – located in Vina, Calif. – is made from stones which had been a chapter house created in the late 12th century for Spain's Santa Maria de Ovila monastery.

    The monastery was seized by the Spanish government in 1835, and from then on the buildings were long used as barns for local farmers. The property was later purchased by William Randolph Hearst, who had the monastery's chapter house disassembled and transported to the United States.

    The stones ended up languishing San Francisco's Golden Gate Park for over 60 years, but when New Clairvaux was founded, they caught the eye of one of the new monks.

    In 1955, Father Thomas Davis was taken to see the stones, and according to Fr. Paul Mark, he “thought to himself that these stones need to return to Cistercian property...they're our heritage.”

    Fr. Davis became abbot of New Clairvaux and had “a vision in his own heart” about bringing the stones to the monastery. After the monastery's main building suffered a fire in 1970, he secured about 20 of the stones from Golden Gate Park for the monastery, but they were not enough to be of use.

    The abbot again tried to obtain all of the stones in the early 90s, and in 1994 they were finally awarded to the monastery. The medieval chapter house has now been rebuilt, and will serve as the monastery's chapel when it is completed.

    The medieval chapter house is a classic example of Cistercian architecture, showing the transition from Romanesque to Gothic styles, Fr. Paul Mark said.

    It has taken around $7 million to complete the building process, and the monastery needs another $2 million to complete the church.

    The monks are looking forward to a permanent chapel, as the monastery's current chapel was built in 1960 and was only expected to last some ten years. They also hope to raise an additional $5 million so as to build a much-needed infirmary, as well as an administration and formation center for their novices.

    Their fund raising has been assisted by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, located in nearby Chico, which in 2010 began brewing a series of Belgian-style ales called “Ovila Abbey” beers.
Had a bottle for my birthday. I have yet to visit their fellow Cistercians at The Abbey of the Genesee, but eat their bread.

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