Friday, January 25, 2013

Gun Control

The editors of Taki's Magazine call for it — Uncle Sam, Give Us Your Guns. An excerpt:
    With all the lip service that gets paid to “equality,” guns are about the best equalizers we currently have, whether you’re dealing with the micro level (a hundred-pound woman with a single concealed-carry pistol to fend off a rapist) or the macro level (over three hundred million guns, legal and illegal, floating amid private hands to counterbalance a super-powerful government’s obscene cache of high-tech weapons).

    With all the shrieking we hear about “saving the children,” you don’t hear much about saving them from a government that has already indentured them in the future to pay off its current debts.

    And finally, with the nonstop carping and clucking and scolding we hear about “bullying,” the fact is that the US government, enabled by its unparalleled weaponry, is currently the biggest bully on Earth

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