Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vive la Francophonie!

"Why the constant harping about the separation of church and state, but not, say, the separation of naturalistic metaphysics and the state, the separation of feminist theory and the state, or the separation of Rawlsian liberalism and the state?" asks Edward Feser, quoted by Joseph McKenzie — France Rediscovers Human Nature. The author explains:
    A people with 1,296 years of Christendom in their cultural makeup, the French have recently shown themselves capable of uniting around human nature’s laws. The million-person anti-gay “marriage” and adoption protests in Paris on January 13 included some of the most disparate elements. Leprous immoralists, socialist harpies, and liberal quadrupeds marched alongside Catholics, Jews, and Muslims.

    These surprising coalitions were united by a common understanding of a foundational principle of moral philosophy, namely that human nature exists and follows laws in its very constitution.
Closer to these lands, Thaddeus Baklinski reports that "Supreme Court of Canada decision that upheld Quebec's laws which provide rights to married couples that do not apply to couples merely living together" — Pro-family groups applaud Supreme Court of Canada ruling in favor of marriage.

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