Friday, January 18, 2013

Walker Percy's Dr. Tom More on M*A*S*H Liberalism

    There's Hawkeye and Trapper John back in Korea. I never did like those guys. They fancied themselves super-decent and super-tolerant, but actually had no use for anyone who was not exactly like them. What they were was super-pleased with themselves. In truth, they were the real bigots, and phony at that. I always preferred Frank Burns, the stuffy, unpopular doc, a sincere bigot.
Statements that could apply to most left-liberals I've known, from The Thanatos Syndrome, a novel whose "reader is offered a sort of Catholic humanism that shades into romantic existentialism."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always liked the foil for Hawkeye that came after Frank Burns, Charles Emerson Winchester, played ably by David Ogden Stiers. He could be just as much a blowhard, and was indeed a Boston Brahmin snob, but he had just enough signs of humanity to be likeable.

Indeed, there are time when he seems like the one real Christian witness among the doctors on the show.

BTW, sounds like the Empire State is becoming the Tyrannical State with that ridiculous gun-grabber law they passed.

January 18, 2013 at 11:09 PM  

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