Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bad Brains Perform "Big Take Over,"Attitude,"I," I and I Rasta," "Supertouch / Shitfit," "King of Glory," "Right Brigade," "F.V.K.," "Supertouch," "Banned in D.C.," "How Low Can a Punk Get?," "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth," "Riot Squad," "F.V.K., "We Will Not," "Big Take Over, "Coptic Times," "I,"At The Movies," "Right Brigade," "Rally Round Jah's Throne," "Redbone in the City," "Riot Squad," & "Pay to Cum"

Some alpha maleness to counter my previous post: "One of the sweet ironies of history is that the indisputably best act in a genre most associated with white suburban angst should have turned out to be four black Rastafarians from our nation's capital!" spake I (and I) when I (and I) last posted this — Bad Brains, Live at CBGB, 1982.

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