Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Violent Femmes Perform "Blister in The Sun," "Promise," "Country Death Song," "Prove My Love," "Never Tell," "Old Mother Reagan," "Gimme The Car," "Add It Up," "Kiss Off," "Hallowed Ground," "I Hear The Rain," "Jesus Walking On The Water," "Gone Daddy Gone," "Confessions," "Old Mother Reagan (2nd Take)," "To the Kill," "Ugly," "Faith," & "Black Girls"

Acoustic bass guitars, mentioned in the last post, in which this band my kid sister turned me on to in the '80s was referenced, are the impetus behind these blasts from my past. Surely pathetic beta male anthems that spoke to my generation's degradation, but Country Death Song and Jesus Walking On The Water are just as surely suitable songs playable on the Six String Banjo.

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