Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Who Will Step Up to Defend the Constitution?"

"If the Constitution is to have any relevance, and if America is to remain a free society, then there is really no alternative," writes CounterPuncher Dave Lindorff, arguing that "there must be a bill of impeachment drawn up and submitted in the House" — Why Obama Should be Impeached.

"It’s only a matter of time," he contends, before "drones, which will first be used to monitor and spy on our hitherto Constitutional protected activities, will eventually carry the same Hellfire missiles that have been blowing up men women and children in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia, and will begin blowing us up here in America too." He continues, "If you think that is hyperbole, just imagine back to the year 2000, and try to recall if you ever could have imagined the US as a nation where the president could just order the termination of an American citizen or a 16-year-old kid on his own whim, or maintain a lengthy 'kill list' in the Oval Office."

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