Friday, March 1, 2013

Can We Get Rid of "Hispanic"?

Not the people(s), but the term. I write as a life-time member of the Sigma Delta Pi (ΣΔΠ), or Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica, who has known, taught, worked with and even lived among people of just about every country of Iberia and Ibero-America, who knows first hand that the average Puerto Rican and the average Chilean do not really have that much in common beyond Sábado Gigante and their common humanity.

The Steve Sailer: iSteve blog has done much to show how meaningless the category is, and links today to an article showing that the term is "jumping the shark" — Portuguese-Americans against being declared Hispanic. (Speaking of "jumping the shark," why not call Italian-Americans Hispanic, too?) How is it possible that "American March King" John Philip Sousa rise to fame a century ago without any special category to protect him, or at least the non-Bavarian half of him? One of the most amazing interviews I ever saw was with the Catholic, gay, Mexican-American Richard Rodriguez, describing how he became "Hispanic" the day Richard Nixon created the category.

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