Friday, March 22, 2013

Decentralism, Conservatism, Libertarianism

"From abortion to the drug war and gay marriage, decentralization is the only answer," writes The American Conservative's Jack Hunter, explaining how "libertarianism offers social conservatives a better hope for success in our current political environment than the nationalist approach often favored by some social conservative leaders" — Libertarianism for Social Conservatives. An excerpt:
    Part of the beauty of libertarianism is that you can be socially liberal or socially conservative and subscribe to the label. For the millions of social conservatives who constitute a significant base of the Republicans Party, embracing libertarianism is not an all-or-nothing question of accepting or rejecting deep convictions about life, traditional marriage, or drug regulation. It simply means rethinking the approach to these issues.

    The distance between mere rhetoric and tangible success for social conservatives essentially comes down to this question: Does the federal government always have to become involved? Or should certain decisions be made at the state and local level, as the framers of the Constitution intended?

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