Monday, March 25, 2013

"Imagine if the Races Were Reversed"

Jim Goad offers a thought experiment along those lines following the horrifying story of the "white woman [who] was strolling her blue-eyed infant son when a pair of young black males... confronted her at gunpoint and demanded her money," "at which point the older male fired two bullets at her, one grazing her ear and the other hitting her leg," "then pushed her out of the way and fired a shot point-blank into the infant’s face, killing him" — The Irrational (Yet Perfectly Understandable) Nature of Blood Vengeance.

"One is either blind or retarded to deny that if a pair of white youths had been accused of murdering a thirteen-month-old black baby, it’d be an international news story for months if not decades," writes Mr. Goad. "There would be righteous marches, keening outrage, a pious comment from Barack Obama, and possibly even riots."

The story warrants a re-link to this classic — The Talk: Nonblack Version.

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