Saturday, March 2, 2013

It Didn’t Have to Be This Way by Harry C. Veryser

The Wanderer's Christopher Manion reviews what appears to be a must-read Intercollegiate Studies Institute book, explaining "how, for the last hundred years, several generations of self-appointed whiz kids routinely manipulated the political economy, causing the 'boom and bust cycle' and making the 1913 dollar worth one penny today" — A Catholic Looks at Austrian Economics.

"Veryser presents a lucid look at the age of classical liberalism and the rise of the Austrian School of Economics, in a fashion that is both appealing and understandable to the generalist," Mr. Manion writes. "He continually emphasizes principles that are not derived from imaginative rumination, but from real life – the rule of law, limited taxation and economic freedom, free trade, and a metallic-based currency."

The two subheadings in the review are "The Hundred Years War On Freedom" and "The Tenth Amendment And The Tenth Commandment."

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