Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pancho Villa's Massacre of the Chinese of Torreón

A detail of history I learned from Kim Young-ha's excellent novel Black Flower, the story of the one thousand Koreans duped into indentured servitude in the Yucatán in the frst years of the last century. More on "the worst act of violence committed against any Chinese diasporic community of the Americas during the twentieth century" — Book Details 1911 Massacre of Chinese Immigrants in Torreon, Mexico.

Isn't the Left grand? The beauty of Mr. Kim's book is that it is unwittingly an argument for Paleolibertarianism. The "conservatism" of the hacendado system is exposed in all its inhuman horror, but the revolutionaries offer nothing but the standard reign of terror.

[I've been to Torreón; it was one of the crappiest cities I've ever set foot in.]

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