Thursday, March 7, 2013

Senator Rand Paul's Heroic and Quixotic Filibuster

Watch it in its twelve-hour entirety above, or this "decent compilation" posted by The LRC Blog's Ryan W. McMaken — The Filibuster in Two Minutes. Or just watch these 32 second posts — New York: Government Emergency Alert Test Interrupts Rand Paul Filibuster.

In any case, read about those members of the Senator's party whom's John Glaser informs us chillingly argued that "Paul's question about Obama's authority to kill US citizens doesn't deserve an answer" — McCain, Graham Attack Rand Paul for Anti-Drone Filibuster. Also worth a read is this article by Front Porch Republic's Russel Arben Fox — Something About Which Leftists, Localists, and Libertarians (But Probably Not Philosophical Liberals) Ought to Agree.

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